Our Orchard

Serian, is a trip that is a must if not a compulsory in a traveler's checklist, particularly during the latter part of the year. The town which is very famous for its durians, located about 65 kilometers from Kuching, Sarawak, in East Malaysia.

Thomas Teo, one of the local durian grower in Serian, is very much known for his cultivation of delicious durian. D24, D99, D158, D168, D188, D194, and D175 (Red Prawn / Ang He) are among the selected durian types planted in the orchard. The orchard owner started durian planting in 1991, when he spotted a hillside land along the Serian - Sri Aman road, perfect for the growing of durians; now, for 23 years, he reaped what he sowed, producing one of the best fruits available. Current trends show that many people from Asia regions and Europe countries are now gradually accepting eating durian for its special aroma and taste.

While maintaining recent trends of durian production through increased productivity, there is an increasing interest in diversifying towards cultivation of local fruit trees such as tampoi, lambei, banana, mangosteen, langsat, terap, belian, pepper, and so on. It is necessary in order to get higher incomes and ensure sustainable agriculture. On a side note, the business provides a great experience for visitors and tourists alike, from self-picking of durian fruits and sightseeing tour for enthusiastic nature lovers around the orchard upon request.

Our durians are sold locally and booking may be necessary due to demand. For any business or interest in buying fresh durians, please contact him at 016 - 8995596 or email him at teo4848@gmail.com. Do not hesitate to approach him at 3rd mile Sungai Maong's wet market car park in the afternoon at Kuching during the durian fruits season.

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