Q1: Where does the durian fruit come from?
A1: Serian.

Q2: Where and when do we sell our durians?
A2: 3rd mile Sungai Maong's wet market car park in the afternoon at Kuching during the durian fruits season.

Q3: How do we sell our durian?
A3: Depends on the grading and per kg.

Q4: When is the durian season?
A4: Normally it falls on latter part of the year, December.

Q5: Is it necessary to book?
A5: Yes. It is necessary due to demand.

Q6: Who and how should we contact for any business dealings?
A6: Thomas Teo. His contact number is 016-8995596 or email him at teo4848@gmail.com 

Q7: How do one choose quality durian?
A7: Here are some useful tips:
  1. Smell the durian. First, do a smell test. Smell along the indentations of the durian where the durian seeds are nearest. When the smells strong, it means ripe; however, when it smells raw, it means unripe.
  2. Shake the durian. Before you shake the durian, you may want to wear gloves to protect your hands. Give the durian a sudden jerk. It should be a slight knock which means perfect! However, if there is no knock, then it probably considered overripe and if it is very shaky, then it is believed not ripe at all.
  3. Check for any holes or rot on the shell of the durian. It could mean that the durian is ripe but has been attacked by parasites or eaten by squirrels. If you do not want to share your durian with parasites, or half eaten by squirrels, please check for holes on the shell. [Note: If a durian is attacked by parasites, it would also mean that the plantation does not use any pesticides which could be better for health.
Q8: Is there any processed product of durian aside of consumed it freshly?
A8: We can make tempoyak (fermented durian), ikan patin masak tempoyak, sambal tempoyak masak ikan bilis, durian fried rice, durian ice cream, durian donuts, durian chiffon cake, durian cream puff, durian puddings, and durian milk shake.

Q9: What are the health benefits of durian?
A9: Durian contains:
  1. High levels of dietary fiber.
  2. High levels of potassium.
  3. High level of folic acid.
  4. Anti-aging value.
  5. Tryptophan.
  6. Great source of magnesium, manganese, and copper.

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